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Planning a homeschool year can be a lot of work. Choosing which subjects to study, picking curriculum, deciding how long or how often you'll have school days.

Homeschool mama, you have enough to do.

But you also know your kids should be reading quality literature that provides them with an educational boost and widens their horizons.

The problem? There is so much advice out there. So many book lists, so many reading levels, so much to read and comb through, that sometimes we just give up. We can't all have degrees in literature or library science. We need help, but... It's so overwhelming, all that information.

Rather makes you wish you had a librarian in your pocket, doesn't it? One you can refer to every time your brain starts spinning.

Let me show you how to get through all the advice and all the lists to a doable homeschool year that is a Perfect Fit For Your Child.

In 5 easy lessons, this course will empower you with the tools and knowledge to pick exactly the right novels for your homeschool every single year.

No more confusion. No more overwhelm.

Just easy action steps you can take to get it right every time.

So you can have a literature-filled homeschool year you can smile about.

Without ever talking to a librarian.

Included Printables

Fun printable packs will help you complete the course and pick all the novels you need for your next homeschool year efficiently and painlessly.

Forms to track your children's progress and keep them engaged will speed your planning process and mean one less thing you have to do.

An evergreen book calendar means you can keep track of your read-alouds all year, every year.

Suggested book lists will get your research started in the right direction.


1. Who should enroll in this course?

Parents who want to plan literature as part of their children's lives in the easiest and quickest way. It can be confusing to see all the book suggestions available for children and know which to choose for your own kids. This course will show you, with easy action steps and a practical workbook and evergreen calendar, how to cut through the all the information and choose exactly the novels that are going to engage and teach your children.

2. What qualifies you to teach this course?

I am educated as both a children's librarian and an early childhood/early elementary educator and worked in both fields for several years. The majority of my training is in choosing books for all ages from the very youngest readers through high school, as well as making reading interesting and fun with activities and comprehension lessons. I have been a homeschooling mama for 7 years and have implemented these very steps in choosing fiction each year for my very well-read boys.

3. What level of books is covered by the course?

The course is about novels, so chapter books of any level. But don't discount the younger set--reading chapter books aloud with your very littles is just as important as picture book time. And it's never too early to get the skills to pick great literature for your kids!

4. There's plenty of free advice about books on the internet. Why should I purchase this course?

Advice and action steps are very different things. On my blog, Lit Mama Homeschool, I offer advice and suggestions about books, and I have several friends who do the same on their own blogs. That's why it can get confusing. Which of us is suggesting the very best books for your individual children? Using the action steps in Choosing the Perfect Fiction Books for Your Homeschool Year will take all the guesswork out of it. Also, the printable tracking forms and ideas for turning your picks into a cohesive literature plan for the whole year aren't available anywhere else.

5. How do I enroll?

Just click on the Buy button at the top of the course. If you have a coupon code, make sure you enter it at checkout.

6. What happens after my purchase?

You will be immediately taken to the course and be able to view all of the videos and print all the pdfs at your own pace. There is no time limit, so you can leave and come back whenever and as often as you want.

7. How long can I access the course?

You bought it, you own it. You will have access to the course forever. So if you buy now and life happens and you don't have time to take it right away, you're free to come back when the time is right. If you only have time to do one lesson a week, take your time. Do it your way. We're in this together forever.

8. What format is the course?

The lessons are presented in video format and all printables are in pdf format so you can save them or print them over and over for use throughout your children's school career.

9. What if I feel like I need more help?

Good news! You can upgrade the course to the Looking Glass Special which gets you a 60-minute coaching call from me plus an invitation to the Facebook group Choosing Perfect Fiction for Homeschool where you can reach me almost any time and meet like-minded parents who have advice and ideas of their own.

10. Do you have an affiliate program?

I do! If you're interested in promoting the course to earn a little money for yourself, join the Lit Mama Launch Team and get started today!

11. Will this course make my kids love to read?

Only you can encourage the love of reading that is such a large part of any person's education, but the steps in this course will show you how to get started doing that very thing.

12. What if I have a different question?

I'm here for you. If your questions haven't yet been answered, simply email me at and ask me anything. I promise I'll answer.

13. Do you have a refund policy?I do, but it's pretty strict. You have to complete the whole course and provide me with proof that you utilized the suggestions and printables therein as well as a detailed description of why it didn't work for you. If you have more questions once you've taken the course, and you don't take advantage of contacting me for help, you probably won't get a refund. My goal here is to make sure you are freed from the confusion choosing books can cause. If you don't put in 100% effort, a refund will not be provided.

KT Brison
KT Brison
Lit Mama Homeschool

Hi there! I'm KT. I'm really stoked about handing you these amazing tools to help you teach poetry to your little ones. I'm a published poet and author who started out my career as a children's librarian and public school educator. I soon knew in my heart I would be happier homeschooling my own boys. I'm a 7-year homeschooling veteran and a blogger at Lit Mama, a one-stop site for educating with literature where you can get tons of ideas for encouraging your kids to read and making reading fun.

If you have any questions, please connect with me at

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by Erin Buhr
I walked away from this course bursting with ideas and a must-read list a mile long. KT makes it sound all so exciting and doable. I can't wait to start planning!


by Erin Buhr
I walked away from this course bursting with ideas and a must-read list a mile long. KT makes it sound all so exciting and doable. I can't wait to start planning!